'Early Man' - Search for Comfort

The Headscratcher

How do you standout in a cluttered marketplace at the busiest time of year for sofa sales, when everyone including you is saying the same thing? How do you make your sale feel bigger than everyone else’s, when regulatory restrictions mean you can’t just say it’s the biggest sale ever?

The Big Positive Impact

We created a campaign that dramatised the dfs winter sale so it felt like their biggest ever winter sale. We partnered with the new film from Aardman, Early Man, to create the DFS Mammoth winter sale.

We used the stone age characters from the upcoming movie to dramatise how everyone can find comfort in the Mammoth winter sale – even cavemen.

By linking up with a new movie form an Oscar winning studio, we were able to maintain interest throughout the campaign as interest in the film built during the campaign.

The Headlines

Campaign recognition, appeal and call to action reached the highest levels of any preceding Winter Sale campaign.

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