krow & ScS launch dramatic new creative direction

The furniture and homewares giant has tasked krow with creating a new brand identity and campaign under their new brand purpose ‘Helping create the home you love’.

Launching on 16th February 2023 the new campaign, ‘The hug of home’, will be ScS’s biggest brand campaign ever, focusing on the symbiotic relationship when you love your home and it feels like it loves you back. The beautifully shot 30” TV advert brings to life the emotions surrounding the feeling of coming home, the warmth from when you step in the front door onto the carpet to the figurative hug you receive from sitting down on the sofa.

This campaign is the first part of a wider refreshed brand strategy designed to move ScS forward, by demonstrating their purpose and justifying to new and existing customers why they’re worth buying from. The new thinking will be deployed through the business including a design and logo refresh that will feature in new creative for their retail estate, website, social channels and TV advertising.

The new campaign by krow was informed using psychological research via IB, to get under the skin of what consumers really wanted, by focusing on their subconscious reactions, rather than surface level conscious responses about style and design.

It aims to add a layer of long-term branding to what has traditionally been focussed on short term promotional campaigns. It’s this fresh new direction and energy throughout all layers of the business that ScS believes will help them capture a new crop of consumers ready to create a home they love.

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