Proud to be Carbon Neutral & ISO 14001 accredited

krow has officially been accredited with the ISO14001 for our environmental management system..​

For us, actively managing our emissions is not a ‘project’ or an ‘initiative’, it’s a way of working that is embedded in our culture. ​

We believe it is only with effective monitoring of our emissions that we can get a true picture of the impact of the way we work and the work we do for our clients. We have set ambitious goals to improve our monitoring of the emissions we are responsible for and to make continuous reductions through active management of them. ​

We’re grateful to the passionate team within our agency who have helped us create this amazing system, to our wonderful clients who let us implement it so effectively on their work and to our supplier partners who are excited to be on this journey with us.​

Until we are able to reach our goal of operating with zero emissions, we have also committed to offsetting every ton of carbon we emit by investing in projects to reduce deforestation and increase clean energy production. This year we have invested in The Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project that is focussed on reducing the principal drivers of forest and biodiversity loss, and the AKOCAK Hydro Electric Power Plant which produces enough clean energy to offset the production of 60 million m3 of natural gas, reducing associated CO2 emissions by more than 1440,000 tonnes.

Read our environmental policy.

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