A Sofa Calamity

The Headscratcher

The winter period is the busiest time of year for sofa purchases and is the most active in terms of competitor activity.

How could we stand out in a congested marketplace and continue to demonstrate our comfort superiority, while also prodding people who were dragging their feet to stop putting up with a sofa that was no longer right for them.

The Big Positive Impact

We created a winter campaign under the banner of the “Grand comfort sale’ and brought to life the benefit of what we’re selling to people, comfort that is right for them and their family.

Using our much loved brand characters of Wallace and Gromit and their family of sheep we were able to dramatize the importance of getting home comfort right and that only DFS were up to the task.

Our use of Wallace and Gromit TTL allowed us to ensure consistency at every touchpoint and maximise brand recognition across the campaign

The Headlines

Against the backdrop of a National Lockdown and stores being closed, DFS enjoyed a strong Winter Sale with The Grand Comfort Sale campaign delivering a 75% increase in online sales, a build in reputation and the maintenance of DFS #1 position as the most considered sofa brand in the category

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