Lots of little wins

The Headscratcher

Develop a new brand and comms strategy to increase sales and brand love, relevancy and consideration within wilko’s key customer segments.


wilko’s isn’t just a generalist retailer, it means so much more to the hard working families who depend on it. Across family life, wilko offers amazing value, helping customers achieve their job to be done at home with great satisfaction and pride. Our new brand positioning celebrated the little wins wilko’s gives you, those high-five, day-brightening moments, from great deals to nifty products or the satisfaction of a job well done.

The Headlines

At a time when competitors saw significant declines Lots of Little Wins celebrated the customer’s relationship with the brand delivering £1.4 million in incremental revenue and an ROI of £7.76. Lots of Little Wins also drove significant increases in spontaneous awareness, consideration and brand love.

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