Behind Frontlines

The Headscratcher

Conflict around the world is increasing meaning more people than ever are affected by it and need help. Our task was to help raise £4 million for MSF’s emergency/conflict fund by shining a light on the true human cost of conflict.


Followers of humanitarian crises can feel powerless and frustrated by what people living in conflict zones are forced to endure. We urge viewers to donate to MSF because healthcare is the most fundamental need that they can help with.


We feature Dr Elma Wong, an MSF anaesthetist with experience working in conflict zones. As she does so, footage from medical projects around the world are shown in split screen highlighting the immense scale of the challenge MSF medics face.

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Help Can't Wait

In a time when humanitarian crisis dominates our TV screens, this campaign demonstrates the commitment that drives MSF’s medical teams to do more than sit back and watch.

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A Treat for the Imagination

Establishing that the value lies in shared play.

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