Celebrating Home Comfort with DFS

The Headscratcher

In the middle of 2020 with lockdowns easing, but no sign of a cure at this stage, what is the right tone of voice and message for a sofa company to communicate to consumers that feels relevant to the current situation and still has a role for the brand.

The Big Positive Impact

We created a campaign reminding people of the positives of being at home and the comfort families living together are still able to give each other even in this tough time.

By focusing on the emotion of home comfort people could enjoy even in this tough time, we were able to create a role for DFS as the physical centerpiece of home comfort and provide a positive tone of messaging that felt right for the category leader.

The Headlines

Striking the right tone paid off, tracking showed us that the top message take-out for this piece of communication was that ‘DFS helps make people’s homes & lives feel more comfortable’ (61%).

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