We're all Team GB

The Headscratcher

Develop a campaign to spotlight the clients’ pride in their partnership with Team GB and significantly raise emotional connection with the brand.


Team GB is the nations’ favourite and most loved sports team.  They are a team of ordinary people achieving extraordinary things. In the face of the year we’ve just had, together DFS and TeamGB will remind us that we’ve all been extraordinary.  In living rooms, and on our sofas, up and down the country we’ve shown admirable resilience, strength and determination.  It’s been a real team effort.  So this Olympics we’re helping DFS to rally the nation to show the world what we’re made of: that we can come back better, stronger and more united in our support of each other than ever before.

The Headlines

It’s too early to say, but it goes without saying we’re hoping for a gold medal worthy performance…

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