Autumn comfort

The Headscratcher

A key selling period for sofa companies is the pre Christmas rush to get a sofa in time for Christmas. But this period starts very early, as soon as Autumn begins. How do remind people that DFS is the perfect company to buy from at this time of year as we begin to move from outdoor living to indoor living.

The Big Positive Impact

We created a campaign that celebrated the ‘cosy season’ and shone a light on all the moments of home comfort people enjoy on their sofa as the weather changes.

By positioning DFS as being the enablers of the cosy season by providing the perfect sofa for all these moments we were able to pusg DFS as the answer for peoples for pre christmas purchase.

By using the Aardman characters we were able to ensure consistency through the line and recognition in a cluttered category.

The Headlines

The creation of the Fabric World for DFS was an extremely successful move for the furniture retailer.  Across all brand equity measures each campaign built on the last and successfully helped DFS achieve record highs in consideration and brand love.  This execution, in particular, was the most appealing ad we created over the 4 years of the Fabric World campaign.

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