The Headscratcher

DFS were launching a new exclusive range of durable fabric, Resilience. The fabric had been developed to be harder wearing than the standard range of fabrics DFS sell but without sacrificing comfort.

The fabric had been tested using a number of industry standard measures that proved the fabric was tougher than normal fabrics, but this was a challenge to easily and quickly explain to consumers. In addition, a focus on the testing methodology could leave consumers with the outtake that the toughness had been gained at the cost of comfort.

The Big Positive Impact

Life can be hard wearing for our sofas.  Kids, pets, parties, you name it they have to withstand many rigours on a daily basis.  We created a campaign that focused on communicating the Resilience range in a ‘can stand up to whatever real life throws at it’ kind of way. All the comfort you want with the Resilience your life needs.

The Headlines

The Resilience NPD campaign performed well to endorse DFS’s brand sofa expert credentials

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