The art of luxury leather

The Headscratcher

DFS were launching a new exclusive premium sub brand Halo luxe.  The point of distinction was in its artisanal premium leather and how that leather felt.

How do you bring that feeling of luxury leather to life when on camera it looks very similar to regular leather?

Given it launched during Covid and store openings were limited, it was even more important to communicate this point of difference as store visits and customer interactions couldn’t be relied on to drive awareness of the leather feel.

The Big Positive Impact

We created a campaign that highlighted the emotional response the touch of the leather generates in people.

By dramatising the feeling the touch of the premium leather generated in people, we were able to lift the range over normal leather sofas and position it as premium brand worth the cost.

The Headlines

Sensorially inspiring people to ‘feel’ the difference of Halo Luxe resulted in a 68% positive CTA and one of DFS’s most successful NPD commercial success stories.

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