The Head Scratcher

With little perceived differentiation from competitor brands Kinder Surprise was struggling to stand out as good value for money. Re-positioning wasn’t just a nice to have.

The Big Positive Impact

In an age where children are increasingly reliant on tech to keep them entertained, we positioned Kinder Surprise as the brand that stood for a simpler pleasure, a moment of tech respite and a boon for growing minds. With the line ‘A treat for the imagination’, and communication designed to show how rewarding it can be to share in imaginative play with their children, we showed parents that there are great and valuable reasons to treat their children to a Kinder Surprise.

The Headlines

After 36 years Kinder Surprise had reached sales of £25 million, but with this new communications strategy it only took 18 months to nearly double the size of the brand, until it became the strongest performing food brand of the year in 2014.

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