MSF Afghan crisis appeal

The head scratcher

Whilst international aid for Afghanistan was withdrawn, life went on, meaning the need for medical help was more acute. Our task was to help raise £2.4m from UK donors so that MSF can continue to provide the medical care the Afghan people urgently need.

The big positive impact

Followers of the crisis in Afghanistan felt powerless and frustrated by the withdrawal of international aid for the Afghans. We urged people to donate to MSF because healthcare is the most fundamental issue they could really do something about in that moment. The appeal authentically demonstrates that MSF’s work in Afghanistan gives donors the power to make a real difference.

We feature Sarah Leahy, MSF Project Coordinator, Afghanistan, who talks to camera about the urgent medical needs of the Afghan people and the role of MSF in providing it. As she does so, footage from Afghanistan is projected in the studio, covering her and the walls of the studio showing the scale of the healthcare challenges MSF face and the vitally important work that is carried out by Sarah’s Afghan colleagues.

The headlines

The £2.4m target has been achieved and the campaign is still running. More results to follow.

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