The hug of home

The Headscratcher

ScS had hit the ceiling for growth and were stuck relying on price promotions to drive traffic. This had eroded their brand image and as such, consumers had no understanding of what they stood for or what they represented bar being a discount furniture store. This meant that their core audiences were declining.

Our task was to bring ScS back into the minds and hearts of consumers and give people a reason to purchase from them that wasn’t based purely on price.


Utilising subconscious research we found that consumers say they purchase based on design and trends, but in reality, their subconscious guides them to an emotional connection with a piece of furniture that ultimately becomes as much a part of the family as a pet or relative.

Therefore, we needed to rebrand the whole of ScS from logo, look and feel, stores, point of sale, van liveries, website and more, all laddering up to a newly created purpose “Helping create the home you love”.

Our communications focussed on the feeling of coming back to a home that you love, and that symbiotic relationship of your home loving you back, in what can only be described as ‘The hug of home’.

The Results

A very happy client and national sales team who can’t wait to get started.

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