Farewell Twenties

The Headscratcher

How do you build saliency amongst the younger end of the SUV market who are largely unaware of the Fiat 500X on a limited budget?


We identified that whilst they are making more ‘grown up’ and ‘sensible’ purchases for their new lifestage, they don’t want to grow old. There’s a lot you give up when you move into your thirties but driving in style shouldn’t have to be one of them.


Using Fiat’s fun, playful brand voice, we created a social film called ‘Farewell Twenties’ celebrating the passing of well-known twenties behaviours and the dawn of a new ‘adult’ age – the thirties. In the long-form film, we follow a woman holding a funeral for her twenties as she enters her next decade and watch as she takes solace in her Fiat 500X.

The Headlines

On a £70k production spend, we created a 2 minute film for YouTube adapted for Facebook and cut-downs for use on other social platforms. The films achieved 2.1m views, 10,000 engagements and a 99% positive sentiment rate amongst the core target audience.

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