500. So good you could kiss it…

The Headscratcher

After 10 years on sale, the new Fiat 500 had found a place in the hearts of drivers across the UK. Still riding high in the city car segment, Fiat 500 had bucked the usual lifecycle of a new model, but competition was heating up and we needed to keep it front of mind. The new model may have been 10 years old, but it was 60 years since the launch of the original Cinquecento. How could we use this landmark birthday to reignite passion for this iconic car, delivering both awareness and engagement in the lead-up to the critical September registration period?

The Big Positive Impact

Harness all the love from Fiat 500’s passionate fans and project it onto the most iconic poster site in the UK – Piccadilly Circus.


Fiat 500 was an inclusive brand that empowered people to choose a car that reflected their own personal style. These brand characteristics had nurtured a passionate social following and it felt only right to feature some of them in the poster.


So, we created a Fiat 500 filled with kisses. We asked Fiat fans on Facebook to send us a kiss, then took the best smooches and used them to create a Fiat 500 literally filled with kisses – a celebration of the love felt for this iconic car on its milestone birthday.

The Headlines

  • Highly commended at the Drum OOH awards in best integrated category
  • Social engagement that far exceeded Fiat’s best performing campaigns up to that point:
  • Total Reach: 349,309
  • Total Engagements: 2,338
  • Total Video Views: 54,488

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