Shake Break

The Headscratcher

The mint and gum market is largely driven by people with a need for breath freshening whilst they are on-the-go.  With people in lockdown, consumption occasions restricted and the need for breath freshening not a priority – how do you shake things up in a category and for a brand that’s gone stale?

The Big Positive Impact

2020 was an emotional rollercoaster, locked down and far away from the people, events and things that used to bring us light relief, we decided we needed to shake things up a little for our target audience as they surfed through YouTube in lockdown. We leveraged Tic Tac’s iconic brand personality, brought back a bit of ‘did she just shake her TicTacs at me’ mischief and created a series of ‘Shake Breaks’ designed to encourage people to refresh their mouths and their moods with a burst of much needed TicTac positivity, fun and silliness.

The Headlines

By highlighting the refreshing benefits of Tic Tac in a culturally relevant and refreshing way, we created content that was believed to be entertaining, exciting and memorable which translated into improving the brands’ salience, likeability and relevance.

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