Launching the UK’s first virtual psychology clinic

The Head Scratcher

As the world slowly wakes up to importance of mental wellbeing, how do you launch a new and unique online therapy platform to an audience who believed they were just too busy for therapy?

The Big Positive Impact

Insight work identified that busy women were most likely to have difficulties with mental wellbeing but were least likely to actually seek help as they consistently put their own wellbeing last after children, pets, parents and partners. They needed modern therapy for modern lives.

Our campaign, ‘My real face’ sought to show women who might usually put on a brave face, that their real face could be their feel-good face with the flexible support offered through My Online Therapy.

Initially launched in digital media across social, search, and Apple and Google install ads, this was followed with TV, online video and paid social. Our responsive, Facebook and Instagram extension #LittleLift, served our audience with the right support at the right time with monthly content that helped with the mental wellbeing challenges they were facing, and left them feeling good.

The Headlines

The TVC was cited as one of the TV Ads of the Month by ITV and drove a massive upsurge in brand search.

In social, their audience grew by 31%, average social engagement went up by 400% and they saw an 88% increase in traffic from social content.
The campaign has also generated interest from potential B2B partners, with the Superdrug and Vitality partnerships already launched in 2020.
All of this helped My Online Therapy to move into the top 100 start-ups for 2020.

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