krow’s life saving campaign for RNLI makes BBC news

krow London has highlighted the true power of a memorable campaign this week, after its work for RNLI featured on BBC News as part of the inspiring story of 10-year-old Ravi.

After seeing RNLI’s Float to Live campaign, which aims to teach people the importance of fighting your natural instincts when facing danger in water, Ravi explained how he bravely copied the floating technique he saw on TV when he found himself being dragged out to sea in Scarborough.

With temperatures soaring and staycations becoming increasingly more popular due to COVID-19 restrictions, more and more people are going to be flocking to UK beaches this summer, making raising awareness of water safety more important than ever.

Over the three years since it launched, the Float to Live campaign has saved 21 people from drowning thanks to educating people and giving them the practical skills needed to help them survive in open water.

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