50 years of comfort

The Headscratcher

With its 50th Anniversary coming up DFS wanted to recognise and celebrate it’s 50 years of activity, but without reminding people of its past which was rooted in shouty sales messages. They wanted to frame the 50th story as being relevant to consumers in the here and now not just a story about their history.

The Big Positive Impact

We created a campaign focused on the ‘why’ behind what DFS do, we shone a light on the importance DFS place on making people comfortable, because they know how important it is to people. That campaign then let us tell people all the things we did as a company from beginning to end to make sure that they got the comfort they needed.

We used the existing Aardman characters to ensure that campaign cut through and stood out in a congested marketplace as belonging to DFS.

The Headlines

The creation of the Fabric World for DFS was an extremely successful move for the furniture retailer.  Across all brand equity measures each campaign built on the last and successfully helped DFS achieve record highs in consideration and brand love.

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