They deserve More

The Headscratcher

The pandemic has highlighted the contribution that key workers make to all our lives, and has shown what would be lost if they were not there. Yet they were rewarded with a pay freeze or a minimal increase. Our task was to build the pressure on government to end the public sector pay freeze.

The Big Positive Impact

Public sector workers risked everything during the pandemic. They invested vast amounts of physical and emotional effort into putting others first during the pandemic, no matter the cost to themselves. As a result, they have been lavished with praise – even by the government and Prime Minister. But the fact that this praise has not turned into meaningful support or decent pay raises for the public sector is a disgrace. An insult. They deserve more.


As local elections are seen as a bellwether for public sentiment towards the government, and a political party’s performance, we urged people to “vote for fair pay in the May elections”, in order to build pressure on the government to end their underinvestment in public sector pay.

The Headlines

Overall, we drove just under 2 Million more views than anticipated at a whopping VTR of 72% on YouTube and Facebook delivered ads to 2.7Million individuals (reach) at a frequency of 2 million, which is a great result for this campaign.

More Work



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