Be Bound for Glory

The Head Scratcher

Persuade people who normally travel long distances by car, plane or coach to use Virgin Trains instead, against a backdrop of historically low petrol prices and a boom in low-cost flying.

The Big Positive Impact

Rather than the old approach of highlighting mechanical things about the train and service itself, we put the emphasis on the customer and why they travelled.

Our insight was that when you travel long distance, it is always for something important. Something which is too important to not have you arrive at your best. This insight inspired the idea that only Virgin Trains can guarantee that you arrive in the best possible shape.

The creative platform of “Be bound for glory” encapsulated that feeling in a typically Virgin way, with a swagger and wink, that highlighted why arriving in the best possible shape was so important.

The Headlines

The campaign delivered an ROI of £3.30 in the short term, but importantly also drove an increase in consideration + 10% and advocacy + 11%.

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