Friday Nights In on Channel 4 with DFS

The Headscratcher

How could we use a brand partnership with Channel 4 to be part of a communal moment, as people across the nation unplug and unwind on their sofa on a Friday night?

The Big Positive Impact

Unflattering outfits, awkward crushes and off-putting quirks – they all come out when you’re too comfortable. Through a series of 10″ idents, we showed a couple who, in the throes of a third lockdown, were learning a bit more than they needed to about each other as they settled down to watch TV every Friday night. In doing so, we showed how DFS understand what’s been happening on sofas across the nation in lockdown 3.0, relating to an audience who have also become a little too comfortable in their habits.


In addition to the partnership, we built connection and conversation through DFS’s owned social channels by developing a series of polls and quizzes, encouraging people to share their #TooComfortable confessions and asking them to vote for the ones they related to the most.

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