Wallace & Gromit

The Headscratcher

The winter period is the busiest time for sofa sales in the UK and the most congested in terms of competitor activity. How could DFS continue to stand apart from the competition and ensure that their comfort superiority in the category was retained and even increased.

The Big Positive Impact

We partnered with Wallace and Gromit two of Britain’s most loved characters to create a campaign that let us dramatize our sofa expertise in a fun engaging way, while ensuring that we used a creative vehicle that would cut through and could be easily identifiable as belonging to DFS in every touch point

The Campaign used the characters to demonstrate that DFS are the real sofa experts because of their factories and sofa manufacturing expertise and with their Grand Comfort sale there is no one else better to buy from this winter.

The Headlines

Introducing W&G as brand assets for DFS paid off with tracking suggesting that the campaign achieved the #1 spot for the most recalled advertiser in the category.

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