Forever 500

The Headscratcher

After 60 years on sale, how do you celebrate the enduring success of the Fiat 500 whilst continuing to drive modernity and relevancy in the eyes of today’s driver?


Conceived at the dawn of popular culture, the Fiat 500 has always fought to bring style to the masses. Offering great looks, a colourful personality and innovation at an affordable price, it has been the ultimate style accessory for those with an eye for design. In a truly modern and dynamic way we wanted to take consumers on the journey of an evolving pop culture world with Fiat 500 firmly at the heart of it.


To mark the Fiat 500’s 60th anniversary we worked with surrealist animator Cyriak Harris to create a 90-second celebration of it’s enduring style. Celebrating Fiat 500’s role in popular culture since 1957, the film celebrated this icon as a never-ending myth, always reinventing itself, but also staying true to itself.

The Headlines

The film created the centre piece of Fiat’s stand at the Geneva Motor Show.

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