The Head Scratcher

Over 50% of women find car advertising patronising (wonder why).

With 80% of Fiat 500’s being bought by women, how do we develop a campaign that feels like it really gets younger, women drivers?

The Big Positive Impact

Behave like a fashion brand: You don’t drive a Fiat 500, you wear it.

We moved from the inside pages of AutoTrader to the front cover of Grazia, from social posts about trim levels to a Facebook car selector based on the colour you wear most.

And we showcased the different versions of the car within the ‘Fiat 500 Collection’, giving each its own stylish identity.

The Headlines

The Fiat 500 saw 26 months of continual growth from the start of the Fashion campaign, until it became the no.1 selling A-segment car in the UK in 2015. UK sales even overtook the number of Fiat 500’s sold in Italy over the same time.

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