Fiat Tipo Content

The Headscratcher

When you brand is known for producing small, city cars, how do you connect with a family audience and convince them the new Fiat Tipo can offer the space they need?


With low awareness in the competitive family car category, we needed to go beyond showing features and demonstrate how Fiat Tipo could help their everyday lives.


Families were sick of seeing car advertising that presented a glossed-up version of life with the kids. In reality, a family car trip was a logistical nightmare. Squeezing toys, dogs and even granddad into the car for a day trip was a challenge familiar to every parent.


Taking recognisable truths relevant to the reality of family life, we created a series of engaging and humorous social films, that highlighted the much-needed size and versatility of the Fiat Tipo.

The Headlines

The view through rate on the films was 25% higher than the brand average for online content, with a 5% increase on view to click rate. This drove down the cost per view by 50% and cost per click by 19%.

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